Are you also hesitant to get the quid vaccine? Find out the reason for the hesitation

Are you also hesitant to get the quid vaccine?  Find out the reason for the hesitation

Coronary Vaccine (Photo Credit: PTI)

Oxford: About 10 per cent of adults in the UK say they will never get the Covid-19 vaccine or avoid it as long as possible. Scientists (Scientists) Called this group “a group hesitant to vaccinate”. He said that those who are hesitant to vaccinate have been thinking long and hard about whether to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Cavid-19 vaccine: Are you going to be vaccinated? What to eat before and after vaccination? Learn expert opinions!

On how to change these ideas, scientists say that ideally it should be done by sitting down with people, listening to them and then discussing with them. In fact, mass messages are only available to public health promoters through message dissemination on TV and social media, and dissemination of information through hoardings. They often do not prove to be effective in breaking the deep roots of personal beliefs.

Over the years, the Oxford Corona Virus Interpretation, Attitude and Narrative Services (Ocean) team has tried to find answers. This group has tried to give a psychological explanation of their hesitation without knowing or deciding people’s opinion against the vaccine.

The team discovered that this dilemma involved many beliefs, the biggest reason being skepticism about the combined benefits of vaccination. The hesitant person does not believe that the vaccine will cure everything. He also believes that Kovid-19 does not pose a serious threat to his health. And there are concerns that the vaccine may be ineffective or harmful. The rapid production of Covid-19 vaccines exacerbates these concerns.

The team discovers that disbelief is often hidden behind these beliefs. For this, scientists have proposed to create a personal message instead of a collective to replace negative thoughts. People should be told that vaccination reduces the chances of the virus spreading and also reduces the risk of becoming very ill. He said that personal gain should be introduced instead of combined benefits.

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