First-Japanese Japanese Vehicle Honda E Wins German Car of the Year


Japanese carmaker Honda Motor has been named as the country’s prestigious annual car in German Car of the Year 2021 ‘. Honda is one of the first all-electric vehicles for Europe, the Honda E, becoming the first car from a Japanese brand to win the award. It also wins awards in the ‘new energy’ category.

The Honda E was released in Europe earlier this year in August. This is a smaller model intended solely for city driving. Its battery capacity is about half that of the Model 3, which is only 280 kilometers per charge. Built in the form of a two-door Honda and an upmarket city car, with the exciting, classic Honda N360 and N600 models from the 1960s retro, ultra-compact design. The price tag of the car is around 33,000 Euros and is higher than Renault’s Zoe ZE50. Katsuhisa Okuda, CO and President, Honda Motor Europe, said, “The first Japanese car to be awarded German Car of the Year for the Honda E is a huge honor and we are incredibly proud to have received it. Customer and media response to Honda. It is very positive since the first time it has been unveiled. The Honda E is a perfect example of a product with a unique design, featuring cutting-edge technology and advanced intelligent connectivity so that owners To be associated with our everyday lives. We are very grateful for that. Award. ”

The model will be sold in Europe and Japan. The Honda E is one of Honda’s flagship models to electrify 100% of its European mainstream models to 2o22.



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