Kia, the electric crossover SUV, is set to test it in Nurburgering


Hyundai Motor Group wants to race a significant stake in Kia Motors Electric Mobility Pie. There are few small EV offerings in many global markets, the Korean carmaker has a slightly larger target and has begun testing electric crossovers. The Kia brand outlined an aggressive rollout schedule this week that will market 11 EVs by 2025, including seven on the electric platform only.

Its track testing has shown strong hints about the car as it can borrow design elements from the Kia Sportage and feature rectangular LED lights on its body, a stack of character lines and a webbed front bumper. The EV crossover SUV is being produced by Kia under the codename of the CV. It is based on Hyundai’s electric-global modular platform E-GMP. It is not yet clear when Kia will show EV minus in its wrap, but it is expected that a second half-time deadline of 2021 may be available. Kia has focused on driving more and more electric vehicles in the coming years.

While European markets are expected to focus on the region, given the support being provided by many countries here, carmakers. South Korea’s home base where Tesla has carried out large-scale attacks in recent times.



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