V8-powered Bentley Flying Spur Start, Dispatches First Batch Cars Full Production


The new Flying Spur V8 has entered Bentley’s Crewe headquarters for full production. It is the world’s first carbon-neutral factory for grand car manufacturing. Orders for the car are also being accepted globally, with the first batch being shipped from the factory.

Bentley Motors Limited is rolling back its successful V8 engine as an alternative to the iconic W8. The Flying Spur V8 weighs 100 kilograms lighter than the W12 version and you will find it easier as the vehicle is more agile and responsive. The V8 engine contributes to a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions and benefits from an increased range between fuel stops. At the core of the car sits a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine, using peak power of 550 PS and a twin-scroll turbo. The V8 found an interesting option to turn off four of its eight cylinders under light-load conditions when torque demand is below 235 Nm and engine speed is below 3000 rpm if you want to speed with fuel. The new model upgraded itself with the advancement of the latest powertrain and chassis such as adaptive air suspension, torque vectoring by brakes, drive dynamics control and electric steering, which are all standard features.

In addition, the V8 Flying Spur is available in both four- and five-seat configurations. Features of this dynamic model include Bentley rotating displays, Apple CarPlay, photorealistic scenarios via satellite maps, and advance warning of changing road or traffic conditions through local hazard information service. In addition, it said that the Flying Spur has been one of Bentley’s most popular products.



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