Bangalore robbery: Thieves steal Rs 89,000 from restaurants including Gulab Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla tin and cooking oil

Bangalore robbery: Robbers poured 89,000 robberies from restaurants in large quantities, including rose jamun, rasgulla tin and cooking oil

Rasgulla (Photo credit: Pixabay)

Bangalore, May 31: In a bizarre incident, a gang of thieves was able to steal a large quantity of rose jam and rosagulla tins as well as several packets of cooking oil from a restaurant in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is alleged that the miscreants broke the glass door and entered the hotel and fled with the goods from the restaurant. According to a report in the Times of India, Sontu Mandal, the business manager of Absolute Barbeques, had lodged a complaint of looting. On May 28, four days after the restaurant was looted, Mandal lodged a complaint with the Myco Layout police. ALSO READ: Pune: Thief picks up Mahindra Scorpio ATM machine, watch viral video

With the information of this incident, Mandal informed the police that the restaurants have been closed since April 24 due to the statewide lockdown in Karnataka. He added that when he visited the hotel a month later on May 24, he was shocked to see some miscreants break through the glass door and enter the hotel and take away a large quantity of goods. ALSO READ: Pakistani Robbers Video: A clip of a conversation between the owner who came to steal and rob the shop went viral, people said ‘Churi v Tami Se’

The restaurant manager said in his complaint that the miscreants took 12 tins of rose jamun, 24 tins of about 89 kg rasgolla. In addition to the sweet treat, the thieves were able to take about 530 packets of cooking oil from the hotel. The manager said the total looters carried goods worth Rs 89,000. The report said Miko Layout police have taken them into custody for further investigation.


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