Black fungus: Black fungus disease on the rise in Delhi, doctors blame inappropriate use of steroids

Black fungus: Black fungus disease on the rise in Delhi, doctors blame steroid abuse

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New Delhi: Medical experts said on Tuesday that during the second wave of Kovid-19, the incidence of black fungus or mucoramycosis increased among people rescued from the infection in a Delhi hospital, and that it was possible to take steroids (without home advice) because of steroids. Infection with this fungus affects the brain, lungs and ‘sinuses’ and can be fatal for diabetics and people with weakened immune systems.

Dr Suresh Singh Naruka, a nose-ear-larynx (ENT) doctor at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, said mucus infections were more common in people with low immunity from diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, aging, etc. Steroids are given but their immunity is further reduced and the fungus has a chance to grow. Read more: Deadly fungus could cause deadly pandemic: This fungus could be more deadly than corona, could be the next epidemic, scientists warn

He said Kovid-19 received only one percent of those infected, while the death rate from black fungus was 755 percent. He said the drugs used to treat mucochromicosis have serious side effects and can cause kidney problems, neurological diseases and heart attacks.

Dr Ajay Swarup, head of the Ear-Nose-Throat Department at Sir Gangaram Hospital, described the mucoramycosis as “horrendous” and said, “We have more than 35 cases where 10 covids have been infected. The rest have recovered from covid-19 infections.”

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