Cavid-19 Diary: The experience of the crematorium site staff during Cavid’s time

Cavid-19 Diary: The experience of the crematorium site staff during Cavid's time

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New Delhi, 12 May It’s getting late, it’s time to get out of this place. But people are still coming with their dead. The solitary synonym of crematorium has replaced sirens of ambulances, relatives in PPE suits and cracks of burning wood. The crematorium in Sector-25, Chandigarh, when it was established a few decades ago, has never seen so much pyre here. The crematorium, ready to handle 50 bodies at a given time, is operating at almost full capacity from the second wave of COVID-19. Sanjeev Kumar, 26, who has been working here for the past seven years, started work at 6 am and finished it at 7 pm. He says it’s hard to take a break nowadays.

It’s hard to stay inside the PPE kit for an hour. , High-hydrate very quickly. “Let it be.” He said that despite the crowd of Kovid’s corpses, the situation was not like Delhi, where one had to wait for hours. Kumar said they are making sure the relatives follow all protocols and are part of the funeral. “We understand their fears, even if they don’t perform rituals that have been part of our culture for hundreds of years. There is guilt. We have to find a middle ground.” Read more: Oxygen Tips: These four steps of yoga can help increase the level of oxygen in your body.

“I earn Rs 15,000 a month but I can assure you that I will not be infected,” he said. “No, because we are all careful, but it is true that fear will not help us in any way.” Not only the region, but also people from many places including Delhi are being buried here. “Many people from other cities have been admitted to several hospitals in Chandigarh for treatment of Kovid-1 of. When they die, their last rites are performed here.”

He admits that his family members are always around the infected body: “I take a hot bath before I go home. However, most of the workers here and I have told our family to keep as far away from us as possible.”


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