Cavid-19: Karnataka man shot himself after coroner’s positive

Cavid-19: Karnataka man shot himself after coroner's positive

Photo Credit-IANS

Chikkamagaluru: Police reported a tragic and tragic incident where a 722-year-old retired assistant tehsildar shot himself in the head on Monday after a positive test in favor of Kovid. Police said the heartbreaking thing about his suicide note was that he was very upset that his granddaughter and his daughter were positive in Corona because of him.

In a suicide note, she wrote in tears, “I can never forgive myself for infecting my beloved doll, my beloved granddaughter and my daughter with this terrible disease. I can’t see their pain.” I further wrote that I have lost all hope, I am old, I also express my last wish that I will be buried in my field and the family should be allowed in their presence if they want to witness my cremation Read more: Karnataka: The man was committing suicide for fear of going to work due to the Corona crisis, his wife and daughter.

He also apologized to his wife, son-in-law, granddaughter and daughter. The incident took place at Belenhalli Tandya on Chikkamalguru’s fabric list. This small village has more than 220 houses and a population of just over 1000 people. The village is about two and a half kilometers from Bangalore, the capital of the southern state.


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