CM Yogi tests, tracks and treatment strategies successful, active cases in Corona reduced by more than 1 lakh 4 thousand in 12 days

CM Yogi tests, tracks and treatment strategies successful, active cases in Corona reduced by more than 1 lakh 4 thousand in 12 days

CM Yogi Adityanath (Photo credit: PIB)

Lucknow: Additional Chief Secretary ‘Information’ Shri Navneet Sehgal said that due to the aggressive testing, track and treatment strategy led by the Chief Minister, the total active cases in Corona have finally come down to more than 01 lakh 04 thousand. In addition to the 12 days in the state, the number of new cases is also declining rapidly. More than 02 lakh covids are being tested in the state. He said that people are being informed about the symptoms of Kovid by going door to door with surveillance. So far, about 1.7373 crore people out of the 24 crore population of the state have been taken through surveillance. The Yogi government equipped the Varanasi hospitals with oxygen at record times, the capacity of cylinder refilling was more than double.

He said civilians as well as people in the village are being contacted, people with symptoms of covid are being identified and their covid tests and medical kits are being provided. Monitoring committees are contacting people living in the village and getting information about the symptoms of Kovid. More than 50,000 RRT teams have been deployed in the villages. People with symptoms in Korea are being tested for antigen covid by the RRT team.

He informed that the infected people in the village are being treated separately in the panchayat building / school / government building in the village to keep them isolated from house to house. Mr. Shehgal said that the Chief Minister discussed the issue of black fungus in the review meeting.

He said that for the initial treatment of this disease, a team of specialist doctors in the state should be consulted. Action plans need to be made for vaccinating PWDs, persons with disabilities, rural women, workers. In order to be vaccinated in this category, registration and vaccination must be done at the primary / community health center through the public facility center. The Chief Minister has vaccinated

Instructed to ensure compliance with Covid protocols at centers. He said that the Chief Minister had directed that food should be provided to the people in the urban areas through community kitchens like street vendors, tracks, cars, laborers, puldars etc.

Mr Shehgal said the number of beds for Kovid patients in the state was being increased. In this order, non-oxygenated beds are being converted to oxygenated beds. He said the hospital was in the process of setting up an oxygen plant, of which 1 C1 was being set up through PM care and 755 through the customs and sugarcane department. The Department of Health and Medical Education has already approved 100 oxygen plants. He said that a campaign is underway to make 20-20 oxygen rich beds in each CHC.

More than 4500 oxygen concentrators have been sent to all the districts and orders have been issued to purchase more than 17000 oxygen concentrators. He said 1014 metric tonnes of oxygen had been supplied to hospitals yesterday. Oxygen monitoring is being promoted by the Chief Minister, which is yielding positive results. Now oxygen is being consumed according to the standard.

He said that the Chief Minister has directed that ventilators, ICUs and oxygen beds should be kept in operation in all the hospitals. Mr Shehgal said the statewide partial coroner curfew was showing positive results. Necessary services such as partial coronary curfew, vaccinations, industrial activities, medical work, etc. remain unchanged.

During the partial corona curfew, special cleaning and fogging operations are being carried out in towns and villages across the state. He said industrial units in the state are moving fast. More than 6 lakh registered industrial units are employing workers. More than 1 lakh Kovid help desks have been set up in these industrial units. In addition, more than 2,500 Covid Care Centers have been set up in the industry, employing more than 50 employees.

So that the staff working there can get timely treatment. There are 57,917 constituencies in the state, according to the Home Department. He said that home delivery of necessary goods and services is being done to the people living in the containment zone.

Mr. Shehgal said that the state government is committed in the interest of the farmers and the process of procuring their crops from the farmers at minimum support price is being expedited by following the Kovid protocol. The wheat collection campaign will run from April 1 to June 15, 2021. The wheat procurement campaign has so far procured 22,833,1,1.5.5 metric tonnes of wheat, which is double the same period last year.

He said that the Chief Minister has directed to make proper arrangements for the preparation of kharif crop so that the farmers do not face any problem. He urged the people to avoid wearing masks, washing hands with sanitizer and soap and going to public places.

Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Shri Amit Mohan Prasad said that as per the directions of the Chief Minister, the examination capacity in the state is being continuously increased by conducting a large number of examinations. A total of 2,45,986 samples were examined in the last one day. A total of 4,36,51,487 samples have been tested in the state so far, the highest in the country, he said, adding that 18,125 new cases of corona infection have been reported in the last 24 hours and 26,712 patients have been discharged from the infection.

So far 13,40,251 people have recovered from Kovid-19. Out of the total 2,06,6115 active cases of corona in the state, 1,52,725 persons are in isolated condition, besides other patients are also undergoing treatment in public and private hospitals.

Mr Prasad said the monitoring process was ongoing. So far, the surveillance team has surveyed 16,73,86,164 populations of 3,4747,40,500 families in 47,12,31,500 team days in 2,6767,620 areas. He said people aged 18 to 44 as well as people over the age of 45 were being vaccinated.

So far, 1,11,63,97 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine and 29,35,6007 people have been given the second dose of the vaccine from the first dose. Thus, a total of 1,40,99,595 vaccine doses have been prepared. He said 49,7444 people between the ages of 18 and 44 had been vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

He told the people that those who have received the first dose of the vaccine must also take the second dose of the vaccine when the time comes. He urged the people to use the mask compulsorily, wash their hands with sanitizer and soap. Covid protocol must be followed after vaccination.


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