Congress MLA PC Sharma asked the health ministry whether Madhya Pradesh politics could cure Corona over Pragya Singh Tagore’s use of cow urine.

Congress MLA PC Sharma asked the health ministry whether Madhya Pradesh politics could cure Corona over Pragya Singh Tagore's use of cow urine.

BJP MP Pragya Tagore (Photo Credit: ANI)

Bhopal: Bhopal BJP MP Pragya Singh Tagore’s claim that Kovid-19 was not consumed by drinking cow’s urine, Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA PC Sharma (MLA PC Sharma) wrote a letter to Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan (Dr Harsh Vardhan) on Wednesday asking for defense. And the Development Agency (DRDO) and the Medical Research Council of India (ICMR) have scientifically acknowledged that drinking cow urine can cure coronary heart disease?

Sharma sent the bottle of cow urine to the future Vardhan by courier along with the letter. At a program in Bhopal on Sunday, Pragya claimed that drinking cow’s urine does not make us covid-19, as it eliminates lung infections. He said, “If we drink cow’s urine extract of native cows, our lung infection is removed from it. I have many problems, but I take cow’s urine extract every day and because of this I don’t need any other medicine to avoid corona. I am also satisfied. Neither God nor God will use this for me, because I am using that base (cow-urine extract). Read more: BJP MP Pragya Tagore’s statement that drinking cow’s urine does not cause lung infection – Video

After Pragya’s remarks, Sharma asked Harsh Vardhan, “If MP Pragya Singh Tagore is a veteran BJP leader, has the DRDO and ICMR scientifically acknowledged that cow urine can cure corona?” He further wrote, “Therefore, I am sending you a bottle for cow urine too.” Hopefully, you will give the right message to the people of the country affected by Corona with the help of scientific identity card to save the life of Corona people in this context.

Sharma said, “We must consider Gomata as mother and Gomata milk is nutritious.” Dung and cow urine have religious significance, but aren’t these religious sentiments being used to confuse the state and the poor people of the country? Did the health department of the center and the health department of Madhya Pradesh decide that now corona and black fungus will be treated with urine without oxygen, Ramdesvier injection, amphotericin injection and Tosilizumab injection? Will I need to be vaccinated now? ”

He further wrote, “Does the Department of Health, ICMR and DRDO scientifically prove that drinking cow’s urine does not cause Covid-19?”

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