Coronavirus update: 154.7 million cases of coronavirus worldwide

Coronavirus update: 154.7 million cases of coronavirus worldwide

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Washington, May 6: According to Johns Hopkins University, the overall global Covid 19 (COVID-19) Casiolad tops 154.7 million, and more than 3.23 million people have died. In the university’s latest update on Thursday morning, the university’s Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed that the current global caseloid and mortality rates are 154,763,588 and 3,237,435, respectively. According to the CSSE, the United States is the worst-ranked country in the world with 32,557,299 and 579,265 deaths, respectively.

In terms of infection, India ranks second with 20,665,148 cases. According to the CSSE, the other countries infected with more than two million confirmed viruses are Brazil (14,930,183), France (5,767,541), Turkey (4,955,594), Russia (4,792,354), United Kingdom (4,441,642), Italy (4,441,642), Italy (4,441,642), (3,471,616), Argentina (3,071,496), Colombia (2,934,611), Poland (2,811,951), Iran (2,591,609), Mexico (2,356,140) and Ukraine (2,146,121) ALSO READ: Coronavirus Update: Security personnel take Fiji hospital after coronavirus patient dies

In terms of deaths, Brazil ranks second with a death rate of 414,399. Countries with more than 50,000 deaths are India (226,188), Mexico (218,004), United Kingdom (127,830), Italy (122,005), Russia (110,022), France (105,792), Germany (83,981), and Spain (78,566). ). Colombia (76,015), Iran (73,568), Poland (68,482), Argentina (65,865), Peru (62,674) and South Africa (54,557).

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