COVID-19: 594 doctors killed so far in second wave of corona, highest death toll from Delhi

COVID-19: 594 doctors killed so far in second wave of corona, highest death toll from Delhi

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New Delhi: The second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues across the country. New cases of corona have declined in the last few days. The death toll has also dropped slightly, but they are still heartbreaking. The second wave of corona has wreaked havoc in India many times more than the first wave. Many doctors and health workers across the country were also affected. So far, 594 doctors across the country have died in the second wave of coronavirus. COVID-19 Test at Home: Test this coronavirus at home, keep these things in mind during the test.

According to the Indian Medical Association, 594 doctors have died so far from the second wave of coronavirus. According to the data, the highest number of 107 doctors died in Delhi. The IMA said the death toll among doctors was higher in Delhi, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This is about 45 percent of the country’s statistics.

So far 99 doctors have died due to corona in Bihar. In Uttar Pradesh this number is 67. At the same time, 43 people lost their lives in Rajasthan, 39 in Jharkhand, 32 in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, 31 in Gujarat, 17 in Maharashtra and 16 in Madhya Pradesh.

The IMA says about 1,300 doctors have died fighting Kovid-19 since the epidemic began last year.

Notably, corona infections have declined in most states of the country, including the capital Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, but the death toll is still very high. Meanwhile, black fungus has raised concerns further. Many states have declared black fungus an epidemic.


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