Cyclone Yas: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken about the devastation caused by the cyclone – a loss of Tk 15,000 crore.

Cyclone Yas: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken about the devastation caused by the cyclone - a loss of 15 thousand crore rupees

Mamata Banerjee (Photo Credit: ANI)

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (CM Mamata Banerjee) on Thursday said she had started campaigning for ‘Duare Taran’ (Relief at Home) at the same time a day after Cyclone ‘Yas’ (Hurricane Yas) devastated West Bengal. ) For the relief of the victims. Banerjee allocated Rs 1,000 crore for relief work in the cyclone-hit areas and said more funds would be provided if needed.

The Chief Minister said, “According to preliminary data, we have learned that West Bengal has incurred a loss of about Rs 15,000 crore. It is likely to increase.” ‘

The Chief Minister said that all the censuses have been conducted keeping in view the population density of the area and agricultural land. “The government will run the ‘Door Taran’ project at the panchayat and block level so that the people affected by the cyclone can actually help. The process will start from June 3 after the water level recedes,” he said. Read more: More than 300 babies born in Orissa in cyclone Hurricane Yas, many parents name newborn Yas

The Chief Minister said in the State Secretariat, only those who will run the ‘Government at the Door’ project will also run this project. The Chief Minister explained, “Applications for the Taran project at the door will be accepted from June 3 to 18. During this period, the camp management officials will accept the application.” The Trinamool Congress supremo said all applications would be verified between June 18 and 30 Does not take

“Only deserving people will be relieved,” Banerjee said. We do not want anyone to be harmed. Relief will be given to those who have risen above religion and caste. The Chief Minister said that from July 1, the relief amount would be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account and the whole process would be completed by July.

“We will not end the process in a hurry, so that only deserving people can benefit,” he said. Verification will take 15 days.

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