Dr Anthony Fawcett, US health expert, says vaccination is the only solution to India’s Covid-19 crisis.

Dr Anthony Fawcett, US health expert, says vaccination is the only solution to India's Covid-19 crisis.

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On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fawcett, a top health expert in the United States, said the vaccine was the only long-term solution for people recovering from the Covid-19 crisis in India. He stressed the need to increase production of anti-covid vaccines domestically and internationally to combat this deadly epidemic. “People should be vaccinated to end the epidemic completely,” Fouchi, chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, told ABC News. India is the largest vaccine producer in the world. They are getting their resources not only from inside but also from outside. Read more – Coronavirus Update: Coronavirus cases worldwide increase by Rs 15.72 crore

“That’s why other countries should help India make vaccines or donate them,” he said. Dr. Fouchi said in response to a question that India needs to build a temporary hospital immediately, just as China did about a year ago.

He said you have to do it. You can’t leave people on the street without a hospital bed. The condition of the oxygen is highly critical. I mean, it’s really sad for people who don’t have oxygen. Fouchi said there were immediate problems with the provision of hospital beds, oxygen, PPE kits and other treatments. He also stressed the need for a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.


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