Kangana Ranaut’s anger erupted over IPS


Principal secretary of Karnataka IPS officer D. Rupa is once again in the headlines. #ShameOnYouIPSRoopa is trending on Twitter, in which users are commenting very badly for them. Apart from this, actress Kangana Ranaut has also targeted Rupa. Let us tell what is the whole matter ………

Because of this

Kangana Ranaut's anger erupted over IPS

Actually, on Twitter, D. Rupa talked about not breaking firecrackers on Diwali and separated it from his religion, there was a debate between Rupa and True Indology about the ban on firecrackers. True Indology put some facts related to old texts on Twitter, which made IPS officer Rupa feel bad and took this into his ego. He asked for personal details from True Indology which True Indology did not provide. Shortly afterwards, Twitter suspended the account of True Indology. Let me tell you that this page used to share information about Hindu culture. But Rupa has accused this page of misleading people.

What was Rupa’s tweet

Kangana Ranaut's anger erupted over IPS

Rupa tweeted, ‘weeping like a victim on imaginary harassment. It is abusive to name and face.

Steal Sew Jori from above, wow. Your followers troll many people who interact with facts. Now your time is over. ‘

Kangana also said this by tweeting

Kangana Ranaut's anger erupted over IPS

Actress Kangana Ranaut has also jumped into this entire controversy. Taking a dig at IPS D. Rupa, he wrote, ‘The ill effects of reservation, when the unworthy gets power, they do not heal the wounds. They just hurt.

I don’t know anything about his personal life but I guarantee that his frustration stems from his incompetence. ‘ Kangana also said that D. Rupa intimidates and threatens the youth.

He wrote in another tweet that Rupa should be suspended and it is a shame to have such officers in the police.


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