European Union urges court to impose heavy fines on AstraZeneca over vaccine supply

European Union urges court to impose heavy fines on AstraZeneca over vaccine supply

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At the same time, he requested the company to impose heavy fines for the promise. The European Union’s executive branch has accused AstraZeneca of failing to provide a specific dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. The AstraZeneca organization has signed an agreement with the EU member states to supply 30 million doses of the vaccine, which was distributed to all members. In addition to this, 100 million doses and dosage alternatives were also kept in the future.

These vaccine doses were supposed to be given by 2021, but only 30 million doses were delivered in the first quarter. According to the European Union, the agency delivered only 1 million million doses in the second quarter, and pledged 180 million doses. EU lawyer Rafael Zafrali told the court that the agency was now expected to deliver a full dose of the vaccine by the end of December, but that “with a six-month delay it was a clear failure.” Jafrali also asked the court to impose a fine of one crore euros on the court for violating the terms of the agreement.

It also said the court should force AstraZeneca to pay a fine of 10 euros per dose per day as compensation for the delay. He argued that AstraZeneca must use units located in the European Union and the United Kingdom for production as a condition of the agreement. Jafrali said the company should have delivered to the European Union in violation of the agreement, but the union sent 50 million doses to other countries.

Although the union has accused AstraZeneca of vandalism, the agency says it has a full obligation to the contract. The agency, however, argues that vaccine production is a complex process and attempts are made to deliver vaccine doses on time. Lawyers for the company will present their case in court after Wednesday.

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