Flight to Australia has been positive for more than 40 passengers – boarding the plane is not allowed

Flight to Australia has been positive for more than 40 passengers - boarding the plane is not allowed

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Melbourne, 14 May: Many Australians in India will not be able to return home from a flight operated by the Australian government on Friday because they were either infected with Covid-19 or feared they had come in contact with an infected person. A top Australian diplomat said. The Australian government has resumed flights on Friday to repatriate people stranded in India after a two-week ban due to India’s Covid-19 health crisis. America: In the United States, people receiving both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine do not need to wear masks.

Many passengers were not allowed to board the first flight as their infection was revealed in the COBID-19 investigation, “ABC News quoted Australian High Commissioner to India Barry O’Farrell as saying.

About 150 seats on the plane that left New Delhi on Friday night will be empty, as more than 40 people appeared to be infected during the investigation, and they and those around them – a total of about 70 people – will not be able to board the plane, the report said. ‘

O’Farrell said everyone scheduled to board the flight was accommodated at the hotel, which the government carried on Quanta Airways, so they could pass the pre-investigation investigation and the second phase of the investigation report was still available.

The High Commissioner said all these passengers were made aware of the check rules required to return to Australia. “I’m clearly disappointed because they’re all Australians who can’t get on today’s flight,” he said. My team worked hard to book them on this flight to India because they were at risk. ”

O’Farrell said those who were infected in the investigation would also be considered at risk and would be given priority in future flights. About 10,000 permanent residents of Australia want to return to the country from India. Of these, about one thousand have been considered at risk and have been given priority in boarding their domestic flights.

Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne said the new version of the Covid-19 on display in India would require strict segregation of passengers to ensure they were not infected.

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