French President Emmanuel Macron slaps two people in public, two arrested (see video)

French President Emmanuel Macron slaps two in public, two arrested (see video)

French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo credit: Twitter)

Emmanuel Macron slaps people in the crowd: A big news is coming out about the French President Emmanuel Macron. During a visit to southeastern France, President Emmanuel Macron reportedly publicly slapped a member of the crowd. Two people have been arrested and are being questioned. Let us tell you that a team recently served by the French army instructed Emanuel Macron. The directive was about Islam, where it was said that the very existence of France was in danger due to the abandonment of Islam. This paper was published in the conservative magazine Valers Aquiles.

A video of this incident of public slapping by the crowd is going viral on social media. The video shows security personnel meeting the surrounding macro people. At this point, a man in the crowd shook hands with the French president and then publicly slapped him. However, in the immediate aftermath of the incident, security personnel came and grabbed him and dragged him away. Read more: Former US President Donald Trump has been given a big push by Facebook, the account has been suspended for 2 years

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According to French media, the two people involved in the incident have been taken into custody. At the same time, French Prime Minister Jean Castex called the incident an insult to democracy. In a video that went viral on social media, Emanuel Macron was seen walking forward with his well-wishers in a white shirt. Meanwhile, a man standing across an iron barricade shook hands with the French president and slapped him.


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