Gujarat: Video of BJP MLA VD Jalvadia Rimdesiv filling in Siranga goes viral, targets Congress

Gujarat: Video of BJP MLA VD Jalvadia Rimdesiv filling in Siranga goes viral, targets Congress

BJP MLA VD Jalvadia (Photo credit: Twitter)

Face, 23 May. In Gujarat, BJP MLA VD Jalawadia (VD Jalawadia) was attacked by the anti-Congress (Congress) on Sunday, after a video went viral on Sunday, he was at the Sarathana Community Covid Care Center in Surat (Surat). , Injections of rimdsev are seen in syringes. The MLA of Kamarej (Kamarej) Assembly constituency in Surat was seen loading the sherbet into the sherbet before administering the sherbet to the patient with Jalvadia Ramdasivia Injection Covid-19. Congress spokesperson Jayaraj Singh Parmar criticized him for doing so and said that Gujarat Health Minister Nitin Patel should open a center to take questions from MLAs and train BJP workers to give injections. That is why there is a shortage of medical personnel in state hospitals. Will be met. Read more – BJP MLA Jalam Singh Patel’s big revelation, says – I am an eyewitness and a victim of fake Remedesvir injection supply.

Jalvadia, however, said that he did not inject this patient for any patient, only loaded it. The MLA said those who feel they should not do it apologize to them. Parmar jokingly said, “Mr. Jalawadia, MLA of Kamaraj, was saddened to see his talent spread. A training center should be opened under the leadership of Nitin Patel’s Jalbadia and explain how the wounds are bandaged and injected.”

Watch the video-

Jalwadia defended herself, saying she had been serving Kovid-19 patients at the Sarathana Community Covid Care Center for the past 40 days, and that more than 200 patients had recovered and returned to their homes. “We have sent more than 200 patients home after their treatment,” he told reporters. The Covid Care Center still has 10-12 patients. If anyone thinks that I made a mistake by loading the remedial injection, I apologize. ‘


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