Are you also a patient of stones, so do read this


Everyone will be aware of stone disease. This disease not only causes unbearable pain, but the patient’s lifestyle is also affected by the stones. The major reason for this disease is that the lifestyle of the people gets spoiled due to which the store of the wasteful substances in the body increases and after this the phosphorus, calcium, uric acid, and oxalic acid start forming stones.

It is usually small and large. The small stone that comes out automatically but it is not possible to get out of the large stone which is so that it remains stuck in your stomach. Today, in this article, you will know the ways in which the patient of appendicitis will benefit greatly.

These measures will provide relief to stone patients

You may have eaten papaya, but the root of this papaya tree can also give relief from stones, for this, you should grind the root of the papaya tree and mix it well with water, then drinking it will automatically cause your stone Will come out

Its patients should also consume coconut water on a regular basis. Even by doing this, you get relief from stones. Now let’s talk about the domestic remedy of radish and gooseberry. For this remedy, after thoroughly drying the gooseberry, grind it to form a powder, then eat it with radish. By this, your stones will come out automatically and you also get relief from its pain.

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