Basil is beneficial not only for religious work but also for health


Tulsi is a plant that is often used in worship. This plant is famous in the house as peace and prosperity. Its leaves are not only kept in worship but they are also very beneficial for the body. Many diseases can be cured with its use. Basil is famous for relieving many diseases. The roots, leaves and seeds of this plant greatly benefit the body. Let’s know its benefits –

  1. Beneficial in menstrual problem

Tulsi is very beneficial in relieving periods. Due to the changing lifestyle, many women continue to struggle with periods. Tulsi plays an important role in irregular periods. Basil seeds are very beneficial in getting rid of this problem.

  1. Relief from cold

Taking basil can cure cold and cold to a great extent. When there is a cold, prepare a mixture of sugar candy, black pepper and basil leaves. Boil it in water for a while. Then consume it. Will benefit a lot.

  1. 3. Relieve diarrhea

Basil leaves are very beneficial in relieving the problem of diarrhea. Its leaves should be consumed with cumin seeds. Doing so will benefit a lot.

  1. 4. Remove Bad Breath

Tulsi plays an important role in getting rid of bad breath. It is a very beneficial medicine. Chewing basil leaves can remove bad breath.

  1. Heal injury

Tulsi has anti-bacterial properties. It is very beneficial in correcting injury. Putting basil leaves in the alum and applying it on the injury cures the injury.

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