Coronavirus: These 10 health problems are increasing in Corona period

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc worldwide. No one has seen such a disaster before. Every effort is being made to get rid of this epidemic constantly. People are stepping out of their homes taking all kinds of precautions. Corona has created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the people. In the Corona period, if someone gets a cold and cough, only Corona name comes in the mind. While dealing with coronavirus, people are also facing other health problems. Let us know what is the health problem which is increasing in the Corona era?

Effect on mental health

Coronaviruses are also affecting people’s mental health. People have started feeling mentally disturbed after reading and reading the news related to Corona in the morning and evening. It also causes panic.


During the Corona period, people are also facing problems such as sleeplessness due to constant worries and changing routines. In such a situation, its direct effect is visible on their health.


Negativity is dominating people during the Corona period. All such things are constantly worrying about their future and jobs, leading the youth towards depression. For this, experts are also advising to have positive thinking, as well as to do meditation so as to avoid depression.

Ear pain by applying mask

It is very important to use masks in the Corona era. You can avoid this virus by using a mask. But due to the use of masks, people are facing many problems. One of them is ear ache. Some people are experiencing ear ache due to prolonged use of masks.

Skin problem

In Corona era, masks are the only remedy that can keep you away from this virus. But people are also seeing problems with this. Many skin problems are also caused by using the mask for too long. Pimples, pimples and skin problems are increasing on the face with the mask in summer. Walking or working on the road with a mask for hours causes moisture, sweat and dirt to accumulate in the skin, due to which there are problems like red marks, pimples, swelling, acne, etc. on the face.

Breathing problem

People are suffering from breathing difficulties, headache, nervousness, sudden dark shadow in front of eyes, by keeping masks for long time to avoid coronavirus.

Coronavirus: These 10 health problems are increasing in Corona period

Health problems with hand sanitizer:

  • The hand sanitizer contains a chemical called trichlosan that absorbs the skin of the hand. Due to its excessive use, this chemical is mixed with your skin in your blood. After mixing in blood, it damages the ordination of your muscles.
  • Sanitizer uses a chemical called phthalates for fragrance. Sanitizers which are high in its quantity are harmful for us. Such highly scented sanitizers cause damage to the liver, kidneys, lungs and reproductive system. Due to the amount of alcohol in the sanitizer, they can affect the health of children, especially if the children swallow it in the ignominy.
  • According to many research, its excessive use also reduces the immunity of children.

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