Get rid of tonsil problem like this


The tonsils are inside our mouth on both the sides of the throat. The tonsils protect the body completely from external infection. They completely prevent any germs coming from outside into our body. Let us tell you that tonsils are present in children and young people, but in children between the age of four to 10 years, these tonsils are very soon affected by infection. Let’s know an easy way to get rid of it ……

• Due to excessive spicy or spicy food, very intense burning sensation is felt in the throat, to get rid of this burning drink mulberry juice or mulberry syrup. If you drink a glass of mulberry juice daily, then heartbeat is very normal.

• Mulberry has a lot of benefits for people suffering from mouth blisters. For this, put the mulberry in a little water and leave it for a while, when the mulberry gets soaked in water, remove it from the water and rinse it with this water.

• If you are very upset with tonsils, then for this, heat a glass of water and mix 1 teaspoon mulberry juice completely, now gargle with this water, this will solve your problem very soon.

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