Learn easy home remedies to get rid of cavity


Cavity problems have become a very common problem. This problem is often seen in people due to eating sweet and not rinse well. This problem is not only seen in children, but in today’s time it is happening to everyone. The main reason for this is wrong eating. Today we are telling you some home remedies that will relieve you from cavity –

  1. Must brush at night

Remember that after eating food at night you must brush and sleep. By doing this, the teeth stuck in the teeth will be removed which will protect you from cavity. If you do not brush, then the foods present in the teeth will make cavity home.

  1. Use fluoride

Use fluoride-containing toothpaste to avoid cavities. This will make your teeth strong. Using toothpaste containing fluoride daily will not cause cavities in the teeth.

  1. Use chewing gum

Use sugar free chewing gum to get rid of cavity. It increases your saliva and does not allow cavities in the teeth.

  1. Eat cheese

Use of cheese is very beneficial for teeth. It contains high amount of calcium and casein which removes cavity to the teeth.

  1. Do not consume sugar mixed beverages

Do not use sugar-containing beverages to get rid of cavities. This will be very painful for your teeth and you will feel tingling. It is better that you do not use sugary drinks.

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