Learn here, the right time to get the baby’s eyes checked


Whenever you have problems in your eyes, you go to the doctor, but do you know when the eyes of young children should be checked. No, so let us tell you about it today-

  • When the child is one year old, you must go to the eye specialist once. At the same time, when you are preparing to send the child to kindergarden, still have his eyes checked once. ICheck of young children is necessary in many ways. First of all, such young children cannot say their problems by speaking. In such a situation, if they have any problem then they will know you easily through the checkup. Also, the possibility of any kind of problem in the future will also be greatly reduced.
  • It is often seen that parents do not take iCheck very serially, due to which some problems of the child cannot be diagnosed. Sometimes they also take serious forms.

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