There is immense potential for growth, entrepreneurship and employment in the Indian energy sector: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that due to the Corona epidemic, the world’s energy sector is witnessing massive changes and this will generate huge opportunities for development, entrepreneurship and employment in the Indian energy sector. Addressing the eighth convocation of Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar, Gujarat today through video conference, Shri Modi said that India is moving ahead with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by thirty to 35 percent.

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Today, the country is moving forward with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint from thirty to thirty five percent. When I went in front of the world, I was surprised that India can do this. The effort is that this decade we will increase the share of natural gas in our energy needs by four times. Work is also being done to increase the oil refining capacity of the country to almost double in the coming five years.

PM Modi said that obtaining a degree in the Corona era is a big challenge for young students, but the abilities and abilities of our students are much greater than this global challenge. The Prime Minister urged the students to change their sense of responsibility into new opportunities.

The only people who succeed in life are the sense of Sense of Responsibility, the greatest beginning to success, its Sense of Responsibility, and sometimes you will see that those who fail have Sense of Responsibility instead of Sense of Responsibility. Man is under burden, what should I do, exam is coming, man what should I do soon? Burden every time. The sense of sense of responsibility also gives birth to a sense of opportunity in a person’s life. There should not be conflict between them. Sense of responsibility and purpose of life are two tracks on which the car of your resolutions can run very fast.

Prime Minister Modi said that the world has great hopes and expectations from India and it is related to our young students. He said that we not only have to move forward but also we have to be at the forefront and the fastest. The Prime Minister said that today there are opportunities for the youth in the field of research to production.

Today in India, growth in energy sector, enterprise spirit, employment, unlimited possibilities, that is, you all reached the right sector at the right time. In this decade only the Isle and Gas sector is going to invest lakhs and crores. So from research to manufacturing, opportunity is the only opportunity for you.

Referring to his one and a half decade attachment with Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University in Gandhinagar, PM Modi urged the Gujarat government to expand the scope of this university to include petroleum as well as the entire energy sector in it.

In the last decade and a half, the PDPU has expanded in the petroleum sector as well as the entire energy spectrum and other sectors, and seeing the progress of the PDPU, today I also request the Government of Gujarat to make changes to the law, if necessary. Instead of just petroleum university, we can convert it into an energy university. Its name, because its form, scope is going to be very wide and what you have earned in such a short time, that the energy university has given to the country, perhaps Energy University will be a huge benefit to the country.

Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated five state-of-the-art facilities through video conference. About 2,600 students received degrees and certificates at the convocation ceremony today. Forty research students were awarded PhD degrees.


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