This is the easiest way to darken the white beard


Due to lack of melanin inside the body, your hair and beard become white / white at your young age. Many people are getting this problem in this period. The biggest reason for this is that human beings stay in more anxiety and mental stress and think too much. Smoking can also be the reason. Apart from these, food and drink is also related to this.
Today you will know how to get rid of the problem of hair becoming white at work age, that too with home remedies. This problem will be eradicated gradually with the use of this remedy.

Amla powder –

  • Lack of protein is also a reason for hair to ripen quickly. Amla has abundant protein and more nutrients inside it.
  • To use it, you put a spoonful of Amla powder inside a glass of lukewarm water and mix them well. Then you should consume it in the morning and evening after meals.
  • If you like it, mix a powder of amla with a curd and make a paste. And then you apply the paste on your beard in the morning and leave it for about an hour. Then wash it off later using lukewarm water. You must use this remedy 4 days a week.

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