You will be surprised to know the disadvantages of eating tomatoes


Along with being fully used in Indian cuisine, tomatoes are also an important part of salad. Apart from this, it is best used as a vegetable as well as in salads and chutneys and soups. Tomatoes are very rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin C. But do you know it is also very harmful for health? Let us know how tomatoes are harmful.

• Excess of tomato intake can give you acidity. Actually, it contains a lot of acid, due to which it increases the acid in your stomach and it causes serious acidity.

• If tomato seeds enter your body, then you can become a complete stone patient, because they easily reach the kidney and form stones.

• The element called turpins present in tomatoes can cause your physical odor. Its disintegration during digestion produces deodorant of the body.

• Nowadays tomatoes cooked using injection or chemical instead of organic tomatoes are available in abundance in the market, which can give you discomfort, blood pressure and other health problems.

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