Impact of strict ban in Maharashtra? Falling graph of new corona cases, today 48401 new cases

Impact of strict ban in Maharashtra?  Falling graph of new corona cases, today 48401 new cases

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There is currently some relief news for Maharashtra, which is suffering from the corona epidemic. In the last 24 hours, there have been 48,401 new cases of Covid-19 in the state and 572 patients have been reported dead. In Maharashtra, the number of infected corona has risen to 51,01,7377 and the death toll has risen to 755,699 to. Happened when less than 50,000 new events occurred in one day. As of April 5, there were 47,288 new cases in the state. According to the Department of Health, a total of 0,226 patients were discharged from the hospital in Maharashtra every day after recovery, bringing the total number of patients in Maharashtra to 44,07,71 so far. Read more – Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray says the Prime Minister and the President should decide on the conservation of the Marathas in preparation for the third wave of the Corona epidemic.

New cases of corona in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, have been steadily declining. The city saw 2,403 new cases a day and 68 more patients died. During this time, 3375 patients have also recovered. The death toll in Mumbai rose to 7676,4755 and the death toll rose to 13,71. There are 47,416 active cases of Covid-19 in Mumbai.

Corona infection status in Maharashtra-

Current status of Covid-19 in Mumbai-

According to the health department, the recovery rate in Maharashtra is now ৪ now.4 per cent, and the death rate is 1.49 per cent. In Maharashtra, there are active cases of Covid-19, 1, 363. A further 2,4747,466 in the state. The number of investigations conducted so far in Maharashtra has been increased to 2,99,3,7977. Maharashtra currently has 36,96,896 patients quarantined at home and 26,939 patients in institutional quarantine.


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