In a twist of CM Yogi’s move to control corona and black fungus, every village in UP will thus stop the infection in every city

In a twist of CM Yogi’s move to control corona and black fungus, every village in UP will thus stop the infection in every city

CM Yogi Adityanath (Photo credit: ANI)

Lucknow: The spread of a new disease called black fungus has also been reported in some people free of covid infection. After a dialogue with the advisory committee of state-level health experts, the necessary guidelines for its treatment should be published today to ensure the availability of the necessary medicines. In this case, Uttar Pradesh must be active. Appropriate arrangements for its relief, treatment etc. should be made with full preparation. Water police should patrol the rivers to stop the flow of dead bodies: Adityanath.

Training is required in the treatment of black fungal diseases. All medical colleges, CMOs, other physicians involved in the treatment should be affiliated with the SGPGIPGI and should undergo the necessary medical training in this regard.

In some districts, there are complaints from some private covid hospitals for charging more than the rate set by the government. Action has been taken against several such hospitals in Lucknow. All District Magistrates should ensure that the patient and his family are not harassed in any way. According to the rules, action should be taken against the hospital by removing patients from such sensitive hospitals.

Many patients are free of covid infection but still require medical supervision. These patients need to be admitted to an L-1 hospital in an oxygen-rich bed based on their medical condition. Take care of their health.

The role of the Monitoring Committee in the management of Covid is extremely important and these committees have done commendable work. They need better monitoring to make them more effective. Each officer at the secretary level or above should be nominated for each district. While at the Niya Panchayat level, district level officers have to be appointed as sector in-charges.

This in-charge will make all necessary efforts to distribute medical kits, home isolation system, quarantine system, make the container area operational and increase the number of RRTs in its area. Officers who have recently recovered after recovering from covid infection should not be employed.

A large-scale testing campaign is currently being conducted in more than 97,000 revenue villages with the aim of breaking the corona infection chain and protecting the villages from corona. There are positive results for this campaign. The World Health Organization and the NITI Act have also praised our campaign. This massive propaganda campaign should be conducted immediately throughout the entire period of the Corona Curfew. Antigen testing should be performed on each symptom / suspect. The number of RRT teams needs to be increased.

Efforts need to be made to increase bed rest for covid patients. Since March, more than 30,000 beds have been raised. It is growing every day. In the last 24 hours, the number of beds in different districts has increased by about 250. Measures should be taken keeping in mind all the options for raising the bed keeping in mind the future needs. It should be reviewed daily by the Minister of Medical Education.

The process of setting up an oxygen plant should be taken quickly. The Chief Secretary should observe the plant set up by the Government of India. Oxygen trees under PM Cairns will soon be introduced in Lucknow, Jaunpur, Firozabad, Siddhartha Nagar etc. The tree has been introduced in Saharanpur. The move should be expedited by the state government with the help of CSR and plant installation. Assistance can be sought from MP / MLA fund for treatment of covid, installation of air separator unit, oxygen plant etc.

Provide the name and phone number of the monitoring committee that is providing the medical kit to the ICCCC. The ICC should correct this. In addition, a copy should be delivered to the local people’s representatives through the District Magistrate, so that MPs / MLAs can get medical kits and contact those who are benefiting. This will enable cross-verification of the system. Each person with suspected symptoms needs to be tested for an antigen.

Ventilators and oxygen concentrators have been provided in all the districts. ACS Health, Principal Secretary Medical Education, make sure that these devices are effective in each case become contact the concerned districts and solve their problems in this case. In addition, if the information regarding the ventilator / oxygen concentrator is not effective, the accountability of the concerned DM / CMO will be specified.

Appropriate arrangements should be made for the maintenance of street hawkers, tracks, handlers, construction workers, puldars etc. keeping in view the partial coronary curfew. Community kitchens should be operated in all districts. It would also be appropriate to get support from private voluntary organizations.

A state-wide sanitation and sanitation campaign is underway under the mantra of ‘cleanliness, medicine, austerity’. People need to be aware of cleanliness. Corona curfew should be enforced effectively. Daily reports of work related to sanitation and sanitation should also be provided to the local people’s representatives. So that he can do the physical examination as needed.


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