India Biotech says Delhi cannot give extra dose of Kovacin: Sisodia

India Biotech says Delhi cannot give extra dose of Kovacin: Sisodia

Manish Sisodia (Photo Credit-ANI)

New Delhi, 12 May Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday said India Biotech had informed the Delhi government that it could not supply “extra” doses of Kovikin in the national capital. Because of this, vaccination campaigns for people in the 18-44 age group can be badly damaged. Sisodia said in an online media briefing here that cocaine stocks in Delhi were depleted and as a result, about 100 vaccination centers set up in 1 school had to be closed. Sisodia said, “The Koverin manufacturer said in a letter that it could not supply the dose to the Delhi government on the instructions of the concerned government official due to non-availability.” This means that the central government is controlling the supply of vaccines. “

But on Tuesday, Union Health Ministry joint secretary Love Agarwal denied that the central government had any role in the purchase of the vaccine by the state. Sisodia blamed the center for the mismanagement of the vaccine and reiterated that exporting .5.5 million doses of the vaccine abroad was the “biggest mistake”. The Deputy Chief Minister said that the Delhi government had on April 26 ordered the delivery of Kovishield and Kovacin-67-6767 lakh doses. According to the Delhi government, the 18- to 44-year-olds received 1.5 million doses of covacin and four million doses of covishield for vaccination. Read more: Kovid-19 patient dies due to lack of oxygen, serious issue: Raut

“I have already said that the biggest mistake was to export 5.5 crore doses of the vaccine abroad. It was enough to administer two doses of the vaccine to everyone in Delhi and Mumbai,” Sisodia said. The Deputy Chief Minister further said that the Center should stop the export of these vaccines and share the formula of these two vaccines with other companies in the country so that the vaccines can be produced in large scale.


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