India will keep a close eye on the dragon’s heinous protests, 4 long-flying Heron drones to meet Israel soon

India will keep a close eye on the dragon's heinous protests, 4 long-flying Heron drones to meet Israel soon

Heron Drone (Photo credit: ANI)

The surveillance capability of the Indian Army is going to be strengthened soon. In fact, India (India) will lease four long-flying Harun drones from Israel (Israel) in the next few months to strengthen its surveillance capabilities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. Sources said this on Wednesday. Heron drones will enable India to monitor the Ladakh sector and its activities in other regions along with the LAC and China. Sources familiar with the matter said the Indian Army has been acquiring medium-altitude Harun drones for three years and two of them will arrive by August. ALSO READ- 1530 km of roads built on the border are the vibrations of China or India in the fire of dragons.

These drones are capable of flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet for about 45 hours. He said there was a deal to get the drone earlier this year. Heron TP drones are equipped with automatic taxi take-off and landing (ATL) and satellite communication (SATCOM). He said the drone would be equipped with long-range surveillance cameras and other sophisticated equipment.

Since the horrific clashes between Indian and Chinese forces in eastern Ladakh in May last year, India has been looking to increase surveillance capabilities on the 3,400-km-long LAC. India is also planning to buy multi-purpose Predator drones in the United States for তিনটি 3 billion for its three armies.

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