40 to 50 lakhs of Corona infected in just 11 days, recovery rate 78.33 and death rate 1.63 percent

new Delhi. Every day there is a record of Coronavirus infection in the country and due to the large number of new cases of infections, it took just 11 days for the number of infected to reach 40 to 50 lakhs. According to the data released on Wednesday by the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, the total number of infected persons has crossed 50 lakhs to 50,20,360 with 90,123 new cases during the last 24 hours.
On Tuesday, the number of corona dead had crossed 80 thousand. After the spread of corona infection in the country, 10 thousand patients died in just 9 days and the number has increased from 70 thousand to 80 thousand. How can Kovid-19 spread wildly in the country? In just 2 months, the infection has been confirmed in 4 million people.

40 to 50 lakhs of Corona infected in just 11 days, recovery rate 78.33 and death rate 1.63 percent

The first case of corona in the country came to light on 30 January this year. After this, it took 5 and a half months to reach the number of 1 to 10 lakhs. The first 10 lakh cases occurred in 167 days. After this, this deadly virus spread like Sursa so much that now the country is number one in the world in most new cases every day.

In 21 days, the figure of corona patients increased from 10 to 20 lakhs. After this the gap continued to decrease and 20 to 30 lakh cases reached in 16 days, 30 to 40 lakh 13 days and 40 to 50 lakh in just 11 days. The country is second in the world in the Corona case. America is first and Brazil is third. There are 50 lakh 20 thousand 360 infected in the country. The dead have been 82,066 and the active cases are 9 lakh 95 thousand 933 while 39 lakh 42 thousand 361 have defeated the virus.

In the heart of the horrific form of Corona, it is reassuring that the recovery rate is 78.33 percent and the death rate is only 1.63 percent. Active cases constitute less than 20 percent of the total cases, 19.84 percent.

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