After suffering a cut of throat and an hour and a half, the bloodied doctor, son and daughter survived like this…


Agra : The dentist Nisha Singhal murder in Panch Colony Kaveri Kunj, Agra, shocked everyone. Accused Shivam carried out this incident with great ruthlessness. Shortly after entering the house, the killer had stabbed Dr. Nisha’s neck with a knife. After this, he roamed around the house with a knife for an hour. At the same time, Nisha was tormented with blood for about an hour and a half. She called her husband Ajay Singhal in the same condition. Until he arrived. By then, Nisha had lost enough blood. He rushed Nisha and the injured children to the hospital, where doctors declared Nisha dead.

What is the whole incident

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According to the information, the dentist doctor Nisha Singhal (38) was killed by stabbing his neck with the knife on the pretext of recharging the TV at around 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon in Kaveri Kunj Colony. He also injured the doctor’s daughter Emisha (8) and son Advaiah (4) by stabbing her on the neck. CCTV footage in the front house identified the accused as Shivam Pathak, a resident of Trans Yamuna Colony. Police arrested him at 12:30 pm after an encounter at Kalindi Vihar 100 Phuta Road. Police identified the CCTV footage outside the deceased’s house.

Just rushed into the house on the pretext of recharging

Doctor Nisha’s children saw this shocking incident with their eyes from another room. The children of the deceased doctor told that Uncle (accused) had been calling for four days. Were saying that the recharge is about to end, there will be trouble. Mother did not get time during the day. The patient was busy watching. Father also used to go to the hospital. The mother had said that she would call when she is at home and have time. It is believed that the accused conspired in this incident many days ago.

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Saved his and brother’s life by pretending to be unconscious

After the murder of Nisha Singhal, the accused also tried to kill her children. Dr. Nisha’s eight-year-old daughter Enisha said that when the young man came to her room after she strangled her mother’s throat, she was badly hurt. His brother Advaaya started crying. He felt that the murderer would not spare both. He placed a knife on her neck and applied pressure. She was in a lot of pain and she collapsed. He then pretended to be unconscious so that the killer would leave. She also gestured to the brother and was lying on the floor. After which, the killer left them both dead and went away.


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