Ambani said about the corona epidemic… |


Mumbai Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Reliance Industries, said that India has entered an important stage in its fight against the corona virus. He said that upon reaching such an occasion, laxity cannot be done now. He said that bold reforms undertaken by the government would lead to rapid economic revival and rapid progress in the coming years. Ambani’s remarks come at a time when Kovid-19 cases have started to rise again in some parts of the country. Due to this, the administration is forced to impose restrictions. For example, in Ahmedabad, the administration has implemented a night curfew, while some restrictions on traffic have been imposed in cities such as Delhi. The battle has entered an important phase. We cannot afford to be lax at this turn. ‘ Ambani is also the president of this institute. He said that India is an ancient land and it has faced many adverse situations in history as well. India has emerged stronger than ever, because resilience is deeply rooted in people and culture.Quit panicking and enter the world outside the campus with confidenceAmbani, addressing the ceremony in a virtual way, said that he is seeing a spectacular growth in the post-Kovid-19 era. He asked the graduating students to leave nervousness and enter the world outside the campus with hope and confidence. Ambani said that economic growth will create unprecedented opportunities in the next two decades and India will be one of the top three economies in the world. The richest businessman of the country said that the challenge before the world is whether we can produce energy to advance our economy without harming the environment. Right now, the world will need twice as much energy as the world needs. India’s per capita energy needs will double in the next two decades. Ambani said that as India becomes an economic superpower, there is a need to simultaneously achieve the dual goal of becoming a clean and green energy superpower.


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