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Confidence has arisen in income tax payers instead of terror: Modi


New Delhi 11 November (Sanmarg Live) Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the government is working with a vision of reform, performance and change in the income tax sector, which has created income tax payers trust in the power of transparency rather than tax terror.
While inaugurating the video conference of the office cum residential complex of the Cuttack Bench of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal in Cuttack, Odisha on Wednesday, Mr. Modi said, “The long period of slavery has led to the exploitation and exploitation of both the tax payer and the tax collector Only developed. Unfortunately, the efforts that should have been made to change this image in our tax system after independence were not made so much. ”
He said that now the government has changed this system and continuous steps are being taken in this direction. He said, “In earlier governments there were complaints of ‘tax terrorism’. Today, the country is leaving it behind and moving towards ‘tax transparency’. This change has come because we are moving forward with improvement, performance and approach to change. ”
Referring to the growing trust of the government in the income tax payers, the Prime Minister said, “Now the thinking of the government is that the income tax return that is being filed, trust it completely first. As a result of this, 99.75 percent of the returns filed in the country today are accepted without any objection. This is a big change that has come in the tax system of the country. ”
Continuing approach

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Source: Univarta.



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