Corona cases cross 90 lakhs in the country, continuous increase in recovery rate


New Delhi November 20 (Sanmarg Live) Corona cases in the country have crossed 9 million, although it is reassuring that the number of people getting relief from this disease is continuously increasing and the recovery rate has increased to 93.60.
According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 45,882 new cases have come up in the last 24 hours and the figure of infected has reached 90.04 lakh. This number has increased to 4,43,794 with an increase of 491 in active cases. During this period, 44,807 patients were cured, which together increased the number of those who beat Corona to 84.28 lakhs. In the same period, the death toll has risen to 1,32,162 with the death of 584 more patients.
The rate of active cases in the country has come down to 4.93 while the death rate is 1.47. Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of 803 active cases in the last 24 hours. As a result of this, 1164 active cases were reduced in Kerala and the number of healthy people was also highest at 6860, while in Maharashtra, maximum 154 patients died.
The most affected cases in Kovid-19 in Maharashtra are now 80,728 cases. In the state, the death toll has increased to 46,356 due to the death of 154 patients during this period, while so far more than 16.35 lakh people have beaten the corona. The number of healthy patients in Kerala has increased to more than 4.75 lakhs and the number of active cases has come down to 68,352 while 1969 people died. The number of active cases in the national capital Delhi has increased to 43,221. Here, 8041 infected have lost their lives while more than 4.59 lakh patients have been exempted from infection so far.
In the southern state of Karnataka, the number of active corona patients increased by 23 to 25,188 during the last 24 hours. The death toll in the state has reached 11,604 and so far, around 8.30 lakh people have recovered. In Andhra Pradesh, the number of active patients decreased to 516 from 516 during this period. So far, 6910 people have died due to corona in the state and more than 8.35 lakh people have become infection free.
Due to increase in active cases in the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh by population, it has increased to 22,757 and 7480 people have died due to this epidemic. So far, more than 4.88 lakh patients have been cured in the state. In Tamil Nadu, there has been a decrease of 563 in active cases and this number has come down to 13,907 and 11,550 people have died so far. So far, over 7.39 lakh people have been transition-free in the state.
In Odisha, the number of active cases has come down to 7400 and 1592 people have died while the number of disease-free patients has exceeded three lakh. The active cases of corona in Telangana have come down to 12,515 and 1423 people have died while more than 2.47 lakh people have recovered from the epidemic.
After a decrease of 423 active cases of corona in West Bengal, the number has come down to 25,873 and 7873 people have died. So far, more than 4.11 lakh people have become healthy in the state. The number of active cases in Punjab is 6194 and the number of people who get infection has exceeded 1.33 lakh whereas 4556 people have died so far.
In Madhya Pradesh, the number of active cases has increased by 462 to 9800 and so far more than 1.75 lakh people have become healthy while 3830 people have died from this disease. There have been 12,677 active cases in Gujarat and 3830 people have died and 1.76 lakh people have also recovered from this disease. There have been 5378 active cases in Bihar. In the state, 1209 people have died due to corona while more than 2.21 lakh people have been free of infection. So far 262 in Chhattisgarh, 2116 in Rajasthan, 2113 in Haryana, 1618 in Jammu and Kashmir, 1133 in Uttarakhand, 969 in Assam due to Corona epidemic. , 937 in Jharkhand, 670 in Goa, 609 in Puducherry, 365 in Tripura, 488 in Himachal Pradesh, 254 in Chandigarh, 231 in Manipur, 104 in Meghalaya, 95 in Ladakh, 95 in Sikkim, 61 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Nagaland. 54 people have died in Arunachal Pradesh, 498 in Dadar-Nagar Haveli and Daman-Diu.

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Source: Univarta.


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