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Corona Epidemic: Center will send teams to these states to track patients.


new Delhi: In view of increasing cases of corona virus, the central government has decided to send high level central teams in 4 states. The center team will go to states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Manipur. Along with this, the Center has also talked about increasing the number of testing from states and union territories. This will allow un-examined patients to be tracked and information of patients who have not reported. According to the central government, increasing the number of tests will help in reducing the positivity rate. The teams of the Center, which have been sent to 4 states separately, will cooperate in the compliance zone in properly complying with rules, surveillance, testing, infection prevention and effective clinical management.Number of patients increasing continuouslyThe Health Ministry has deployed high-level teams to monitor the corona cases in these states. Let us know that with the increase in the case of Kovid 19 in Delhi, its effect is being seen in the national capital region as well. The number of Kovid patients is increasing in the areas falling under the state of Haryana and Rajasthan. The team being sent to Haryana is headed by AIIMS director Randeep Guleria. This team has three members. Niti Aayog’s health member Dr. VK Paul Rajasthan and NCDC director SK Singh will lead the Gujarat team. The Manipur team is led by Additional DDG L Swastikaran of DHGS. These teams will visit such districts from where more cases of Kovid 19 are coming. In addition, the team will also cooperate in effective clinical management of positive cases. This team of the Center will also give directions to the states in effectively managing the challenges related to diagnosis and follow up of patients on time.Over 50 thousand ‘Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Center’The Union Health Ministry on Friday said that more than 50,000 ‘Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centers’ (HWC) are operated across the country where more than 28.10 crore people have taken healthcare. The Ministry also says that 1.50 lakh HWCs are to be set up by December 2022. HWCs are set up for primary healthcare purposes. The statement issued by it said that more than 50 thousand health centers have been established, that is, one-third of the target has come into existence. This has led to improvement in primary healthcare facilities.Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said…Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said, “It has been possible that we have reached here today through planning, monitoring at all levels, standardization of procedures and shared efforts of the Center and the States and Union Territories in building the health system.” He thanked all the health workers, medical officers, community health officers and the hope workers for their dedication and support. The minister said, ‘These people are the foundation of the system of providing healthcare. His contribution to the Corona period has been exemplary. ‘



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