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New Delhi Will there be a lockdown in the country again? This question is on the tongue of the people as there have been similar signs in the last few days. Lockdown can be imposed not only in Bhopal but also in the entire Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has called an important meeting today i.e. Friday afternoon. In this, markets can be decided afresh. There is a possibility of a change in the guidelines regarding various topics. While there may be a decline in new cases of Kovid-19, the situation has become more serious in some places. In the month of November, Kovid cases have increased rather than decreased. In such a situation, it has become necessary to be strict. A ‘full curfew’ has been imposed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from Friday night to Monday morning. The Delhi government has also increased the strength. At the same time, some states have also closed schools seeing the cases increasing. These include states like Haryana, Uttarakhand, Mizoram, Himachal Pradesh. In such a situation, the possibility of lockdown at the local level is not being felt nationwide. Lockdown can occur completely within the containment zone but within a very limited area.Curfew will be applicable here for 57 hoursThe area falling within the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation limits of Gujarat will remain in a 57-hour curfew from Friday night. There has been a big jump in the cases of Kovid-19 after Diwali. According to officials, the curfew will begin at 9 pm on Friday (20 November), which will continue till 6 am on Monday (23 November). Additional Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar Gupta told that during this ‘full curfew’ only milk and drug shops will remain open. Gupta has been appointed as Special Officer by the Government of Gujarat. Their job is to monitor the corona virus infection related functioning of the Ahmedabad municipality. The Gujarat government has also stopped its decision to open secondary schools and colleges in the state from 23 November.

2000 rupees fine for not applying mask

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The Arvind Kejriwal government, surrounded by the handling of the corona, has started taking strict measures. He has announced a fine of Rs 2000 on those who do not wear masks in public places. Till now, there was a provision of a fine of Rs 500 for not wearing a mask. Kejriwal announced this after an all-party meeting. The third wave of Kovid is going on in Delhi. Apart from this, the Delhi government has also asked the Center to allow lockdown in the markets at the local level. However, Kejriwal made it clear that there is no intention of lockdown in Delhi. In Delhi, the limit of guests within weddings has also been reduced from 200 to 50.

Schools open, but had to close after opening

Under the unlock, the central government had allowed to open all types of schools, first classes 9 to 12, later. The college and the university are also allowed classes. In such a situation, schools were opened in some states and union territories but with precautions related to corona. Despite this, due to increasing Corona cases, many states had to close schools again. Gujarat has postponed the decision to open a school. Schools in Mizoram, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Haryana have been closed again.

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Not mask not stuff

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is again increasing the number of corona infected patients. More than two hundred patients are increasing here every day for the past few days. The administration has directed shops to sell goods to the same customers who use masks. Along with other parts of the state, the pace of Corona in Bhopal was so slow that people became careless. The use of masks decreased, social distancing on the streets became less noticeable. On the instructions of District Magistrate Avinash Lavania, all SDMs of the district conducted inspection in their respective areas. People who did not have masks or did not have masks, their invoices were cut.

There is a possibility of lockdown in MP again

Strictness can be increased not only in Bhopal but also in the entire Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has called an important meeting on Friday afternoon. In this, markets can be decided afresh. There is a possibility of change in the guidelines regarding various topics. Apart from this, lockdown can also be announced at micro level in areas with more infection.

Hard work is being done in small areas

The Maharashtra government had extended the lockdown till 30 November, despite the Centre’s exemption. That is, there is no unlocking as much as other states but there is an exemption for necessary and normal activities. Hardening is being done in the micro containment zone. This method is being adopted all over the country. Where a new case is found, isolation is attempted within a radius of 50 meters. Several states are also undertaking door-to-door surveillance.


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