Corona infects in the country exceeded 88.72 lakhs


New Delhi, Nov 16 (Sunmarg): On Monday, the number of people infected with Corona virus (Kovid-19) has increased to 88,72,265.
According to reports received from various states, the total number of infected people has come down to 88,72,265 with 26,648 new cases of infection reported till late tonight but the relief is that the number of active cases has come down to 4.53 lakh and the number of dead 308 has increased to 1,30,417.
There is a decrease in new cases in the country and compared to new cases, the number of people getting rid of this epidemic is also increasing and in this episode 34,115 more patients are getting healthy so far, 82,85,625 people get rid of this disease. Have received
The most affected Maharashtra cases in the country from Corona stood at 84,386 which topped with active cases while Kerala stood second with 70,929 active cases. Delhi is third with 40,128 active cases, West Bengal is fourth with 27,897 cases while Karnataka is now fifth with 26,103 cases.
With the decrease in new cases of corona infection in Maharashtra and higher number of healthy people in comparison, active cases have again decreased and their number has now come down to 84,386. So far, a total of 17,49,777 people have been infected with the corona virus in the state and 16,18,380 have recovered. So far 46,034 people have died in the state from this epidemic.
In Kerala, 2,710 new cases of Corona virus (Kovid-19) were reported during the last 24 hours as the number of infected people crossed 5.28 lakh on Monday, but it is a matter of relief that active cases have again declined. Which has reduced to near 70,000.
According to official sources, the number of disease-free people has increased to 4,54,209 due to the recovery of 6,567 more patients during this period. During this period, the total number of infected has reached 5,28,665 and the death toll has increased to 1,892 with the death of 19 more people. During this period, the number of active cases decreased to 5,397 and their number reduced to 70,925.
According to the data released today by Delhi’s Health Ministry, 3,797 new cases of corona were reported in the national capital with the number of infected reaching 4,89,202. The number of people recovering from corona has also come down in the wake of new cases. During this period, after the recovery of 3,560 more patients, a total of 4,41,361 people have defeated the corona virus. In the same period, the number of people who lost their lives due to the epidemic has increased to 7,713, due to the death of 99 more patients. The number of active cases of corona in the capital increased to 40,128.
The number of infected people increased to 8,62,804 after 1,157 new cases of Corona virus (Kovid-19) were reported in Karnataka. According to official sources, 12 people have died due to the Kovid-19 pandemic in the last 24 hours, increasing the number of people who died due to this infection to 11,541. Today 2,188 infected people in the state have been discharged from hospitals after recovering.
In the case of corona infection, India is second only to America worldwide. The total number of infected in the US has exceeded 110 million. However, India is still behind the US. There is a steady decline in the number of new cases in the country, while the number of infected in the US is increasing rapidly.

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Source: Univarta.


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