Deputy Chairman Harivansh, who arrived with tea for suspended MPs, was surprised by the simplicity

new Delhi. The 8 suspended MPs who were sitting on a dharna in the Parliament House were also surprised when Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh reached for tea in the morning.

Harivansh brought tea from his home and tried to lighten the atmosphere by drinking tea with suspended MPs. The tea party did not resolve the matter, but the Deputy Chairman certainly won the hearts of all.

On Monday night, food came for the MPs from their homes at around 9.30 pm. South Indian food came from the house of MP Trichy Siva, Anita Singh, wife of MP Sanjay Singh also reached Parliament with food and fruits. All the MPs dined at their temporary picket site there.

Its 8 MPs staged a sit-in overnight and according to them, the future strategy will be decided after the commencement of the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.
Picture courtesy: ANI / Twitter

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