Except one person here, the entire village is Corona positive.


Keylong: You will be surprised to read this news, but it is true that in a village here all people are corona infected but except one person. He could not even touch the corona. Except him, his entire family is found to be Corona positive. In fact, all people except one person have been found to be Corona positive in Thorang village of tribal district Lahaul-Spiti. Six people in the family, including the man’s wife, are also infected. Bhushan Thakur (52) is the only person in the village who could not even touch Corona. Bhushan said that he follows the entire rules to protect against Corona. CMO Lahaul-Spiti Dr. Paljor said that perhaps Bhushan’s immunity system is very strong. Despite the positive arrival of all the people of the village, it is a surprise for all of us that Bhushan is negative. Five people from the village had come positive earlier, after which the remaining people had decided to voluntarily get the test done four days ago. Though there are around 100 people living in this village, due to snowfall, many people have gone to Kullu these days. Bhushan said that ever since the family members came positive, he has been living in a separate room. Making food himself. He also sampled with the family 4 days ago. Other family members turned positive in the report and their report came out negative.Takes care of distancingHe was with the entire family until giving samples. He himself is also surprised by this report. Bhushan said not to take the corona lightly. He does not forget to sanitize hands with regular masks from the beginning. Takes care of distancing. District Kovid Monitoring Officer Dr Ranjit Vaid said that 41 of 42 people in Thorang village are positive. The quarantine period of these people is not yet over. So all people are still positive. None of these patients is in critical condition. Everyone’s condition is normal. The district administration and health department are in constant contact with the patients.


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