Father of 9 children and 4 wifes of Jauhar jailed due to ‘Love Jihad’

Meerut: ( Meerut a young man in the News) Love Jihad Firki the minor (Love Jihad) of sexually assaulting her. The father of 9 children also led him. The victim’s family filed a report at the police station on 3 September. The police has revealed that the father of 9 children and husband of 4 wives, Abdullah, who had raped a 17-year-old teenager in the love trap by becoming Aman Chaudhary, has been arrested.

The father of 9 children was so vicious that he put a wig on his head to make himself young. The incident is from Kankarkheda police station area. 42-year-old Abdullah, who lives in Jahan, trapped Aman Chaudhary, a 17-year-old teenager, in his love. Being aman with Abdullah, she first showed her dreams and then raped her in a bondage of love.
The police did nothing even after the sudden disappearance of the 17-year-old student. Yesterday, while organizing a panchayat, Hindu organizations gave the police an ultimatum of the teenager’s recovery in 48 hours. This case became a challenge for the police and they recovered the victim from Ganganagar safely in 24 hours. Simultaneously, accused Abdullah alias Aman Chaudhary has been arrested.

Father of 9 children and 4 wifes of Jauhar jailed due to ‘Love Jihad’

Along with sexually abusing the victim, Abdullah had made pornographic videos of the victim, which the accused raped, threatening to make the video viral.
The victim started living, the father scolded one day at home and the teenager started crying. Hearing what the girl had told you, the people in the house flew into the senses. The teenager’s father filed a case against Abdullah at police station Kankarkhed.

The victim said that Abdullah followed her for some time. One day when she went to her friend’s birthday, she also arrived there. After this he caught the teenager in his trap. Out of fear, he did not tell anyone in the house. At present, the police have sent Abdullah to jail by filing a case under the PASCO Act and kidnapping sections .
The accused has 4 wives and also has children. The accused did not feel ashamed for abusing his teenager. Such culprits should get strict punishment, so that it becomes a prelude to others.

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