Hathras gang rape case: pain even after death, victim’s body burnt at midnight

As much as efforts are being made to suppress the flames of the gang rape of a Dalit woman in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh, they are rising up. … and the smoke emanating from it is smearing soot on the face of our system.

Some videos related to this incident are going viral on social media. It is seen in a video that the woman’s funeral pyre is burning and the police are not letting anyone go there. The question is what the police-administration was trying to hide.

Initially, it was also said that when the woman’s funeral pyre was burning, her family members were not allowed to go there either. However, a video later surfaced in which the family are seen near Chita and completing the funeral ceremony.
In the earlier video, the voices are heard clearly how some media persons are arguing with a police officer, who is not letting them go to the girl’s funeral pyre. During the conversation the police officer said that I am a third class police officer, I do not have the right to speak.

The policeman would tell the media persons that this is my duty to stop you from moving forward. I am posted here so that the law and order does not deteriorate. I may be a Kotwal, but I do not have the right to speak, the one who has the right to speak should speak.

People are also raising questions about burning pyre at midnight. People believe that there is no tradition of funeral after sunset in the Hindu community anyway.

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