Nirbhaya’s lawyer Seema Kushwaha is also prevented from going to Hathras, wants to fight the case

Hathras Seema Kushwaha, a female advocate who got justice for Nirbhaya (Nirbhaya), reached Hathras today. Seema Hathras (Hathras) wants to get the case of the gang rape victim free of justice to the fighting family. He said that women are not safe in the 21st century. Before reaching Hathras, he had a conversation with the brother of the rape victim. The victim’s family has also expressed willingness to talk to this female advocate.

Today, when Advocate Kushwaha reached the border of Hathras, she was barred from going to the victim’s village, Bulagadhi. He was also told by the ADM to enter the village. He said that the law and order in the country is deteriorating due to the government, law and order does not give justice to the daughter and she dies. If a daughter of the country raises her voice for justice, she is prevented from speaking.

Seema said that I had talked to the local jurisdictional and SO of Hathras for a case study. According to the information received, the daughter of cruelty could not record her statement, due to which 376 Section did not apply. If the victim was not able to speak and write and was on ventilator, she should have got her medical done, in which everything would have been cleared.

In Hathras, this female advocate said that the police are talking about the forensic report to know the truth, I want to ask them how many forensic labs are there in the country? It takes 2 to 3 months for the forensic test report to come, till then the daughters of this country will continue to die like this?

No officer in a position responsible for daughters is sensitive. This shows that no such law has been enacted within the country till date, which can give justice to the victim immediately.

I want to ask this society that any woman, whether she is a doctor, engineer, journalist or lawyer, feels safe in the 21st century? Can someone raise their head and say that we are safe on the road, school or college or at home?

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