Now water appliances will also be given star rating.


new Delhi : Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, he started star rating – be it clean cities, best villages, best power plants or anything else. Now his focus is on giving star rating to water consuming devices. A number of standards are being set by the National Water Mission and BIS.

Rating from taps to RO

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The way the electric star rating is determined, the rating of water-saving tubes and other such devices will be determined. However, their rating will be 3 stars instead of 5 stars like power tools. This star rating will depend on how much water is released per minute from the device. If 10 liters of water comes in a minute from a shower, then it will be given a rating of 1 star, while it will be given 2 stars for 8 liters and 3 stars for 6.8 liters. If 8 liters of water is released per minute in the washbasin, it will be given 1 star, 2 stars on 6 liters and 3 stars on 3 liters. Water consuming electric appliances – RO and purifiers, washing machines, dish washers and coolers will also be rated.


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