Tata Literature Live: Om Chomsky and Vijay Prasad’s online discussion abruptly canceled |


Both asked- Is this censorship ?, Dharkar said- It was necessary to save integrity. New Delhi: Noted writer Noam Chomsky and journalist Vijay Prasad’s online discussion in ‘Tata Literature Live’ has been canceled. He has regretted it. The day after the incident, the founder and director of the festival, Anil Dharkar, said on Sunday that ‘it was’ necessary’ to take this decision to protect the integrity of the festival. It is known that Chomsky’s new book ‘Internationalism or Extinction’ was to be discussed at 9 pm on Friday. A few hours before that, Chomsky and Prasad were sent an email at one o’clock in the afternoon informing that the event would no longer be held. Both regretted the ‘sudden cancellation’ of their online discussion and asked if the move was a result of censorship. Chomsky and Prasad issued a statement saying they were informed by email about the cancellation of the program. We wanted to talk about how governments, including the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government and corporate groups like the Tata group, are putting humanity in deep trouble. In relation to the incident, Dharkar on Sunday said that on the morning of the session he Correspondence in public domain was revealed between Chomsky, Prasad and a group of activists, which clearly stated that the session would also be used to explain that ‘they are particularly concerned about corporations like the Tata group’ What ‘feel’ while this was ‘never the intended purpose of the session’. The Tata group is one of the main sponsors of ‘Tata Literature Live’. Dharkar said that I do not want to comment on his reasons for accepting the invitation to attend the ceremony and using this platform to have negative views about the main sponsor. Am The success of the festival that I set up and run with a dedicated team depends on the free expression of ideas, not on the free expression of an individual’s particular agenda. There is no place in our festival for expression of this type of agenda against any particular organization, corporation or any individual. I respect and appreciate the work of Professor Noam Chomsky, but this decision was necessary to protect the integrity of the Festival.


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