The case of misrule suppresses the burning of the living: Rahul


New Delhi, November 17 (Sanmarg Live): Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday attacked the government for pressing the case of burning the young woman alive in Vaishali, Bihar, and said that to save the fake foundation of good governance from shifting to electoral advantage. Inhuman steps are a much bigger crime and dangerous trend.
Mr. Gandhi said that the incident took place during the elections to the Bihar Legislative Assembly and the state government has taken a dangerous step to cover up its false propaganda of good governance and mislead the voters.
Mr. Gandhi tweeted, “Whose crime is more dangerous — who did this inhuman deed or who hid it for electoral gains so that this misrule could lay the foundation of his false ‘good governance’?”
The Congress leader has posted a news from the Hajipur date line in Bihar with this tweet saying that the atmosphere of the state assembly elections is not spoiled, so the police pressed the case to burn the woman alive.
Abhinav Tandon

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Source: Univarta.


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