Israel-Palestine Conflict: An Example of Humanity, Arab Woman Receives Donation from Kidney of a Jewish Man

Israel-Palestine Conflict: An Example of Humanity, Arab Woman Receives Donation from Kidney of a Jewish Man

Israel-Palestine Conflict (Photo Credit: ANI)

Jerusalem: In the wake of the most horrific communal riots in Jerusalem, people are not only friendly to them, but are showing examples of humanity and sensitivity towards other communities in their efforts to establish peace in the country. They are doing it but also donating the organs of their loved ones so that someone else can get life. Israel-Hamas Ceasefire: Ceasefire imposed on Gaza Strip, find out why this small piece of land caused tension around the world

Israel (Israel,) And Hamas, a Palestinian-based extremist group, fought fiercely between Arab citizens and Jews during the war, and in the past two weeks there have been numerous incidents of vehicles, restaurants and Jewish places of worship being set on fire.

An Israeli Arab woman had a kidney transplant last week and a donation was made to a Jewish man killed in a riot in the town of Kidney Load, according to a report in Heritage.

Randa Aois, 56, a resident of Jerusalem, had been suffering from kidney disease for about ten years and had been on the transplant list for seven years, but could not do so due to a lack of donors, the report said. The riot eagle Joshua, 56, was transplanted after receiving a kidney.

Joshua’s brother Effie told Fox News, “He was a believer in charity and had a big heart and that’s why we decided to donate his organs.” That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

After the surgery, CNN quoted Avis as saying, “Poor man, what has he done?” What did he do to plunder them? Why did they kill him? How can his wife live alone with children? Notably, the city of Lod was the hardest hit by the riots. After the riots began, Israel declared a state of emergency in the city and imposed a night curfew.

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