Israel-Palestine conflict: How long will the bloody war between Israel and Hamas last? It is difficult to say who is wrong and who is right

Israel-Palestine conflict: How long will the bloody war between Israel and Hamas last?  It is difficult to say who is wrong and who is right

Israel-Palestine Conflict (Photo Credit: ANI)

New Delhi: It is difficult to say right now who is right and who is wrong, especially in the clouds of war. Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel and other Palestinians.Palestine) The groups have also done this, which shows that air strikes are going on from both sides. International law prohibits the use of indiscriminate force in civilian or civilian areas, and firing rockets into the Tel Aviv apartment block is a direct violation of this rule. But in Gaza (Gaza) where about 2 million people live in a small narrow coastal area, the situation is even more dire. Due to the narrow space and frequent bombings, there is little room for the people of Gaza to flee to safety. Israel-Hamas violence: Israeli-Palestinian fighting intensifies, killing 65 and 7 Israelis in Gaza

After Hamas came to power in Gaza in 2007, Israel and Egypt created barriers here, leaving the place somehow impossible. As a grassroots movement, Hamas is deeply involved in Palestinian society and its political propaganda and public interest propaganda have separated it from the secret armed branch.

Israel and the West see Hamas as a terrorist organization, but it runs a kind of government in Gaza and millions of people work with it as bureaucrats and police, so joining Hamas does not mean it is a fighter. However, there are groups in Gaza that oppose Hamas.

Earlier this year, the International Criminal Court began investigating possible war crimes committed by Israel and Palestine in 2014, the last war between them. It seems that both sides have adopted the same strategy.

Marco Sassoli, a professor at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, said that for example, when France invaded Switzerland, the Swiss army and artillery were not banned from defending Geneva. International law applies to all parties to a conflict. France may fight in Geneva, but here the issue of equal proportions comes up in a big way, and with this view it can be further said that the invasion of France by Geneva is provocative?

Critics of Israel have accused him of using excessive force. Critics say the region’s most powerful military with somehow undeclared nuclear power is fighting a final group that does not have long-range rockets and whose rockets hit Israel’s anti-missile defense equipment. It is. In the current conflict, 200 people have died in Gaza, half of them women and children, while 10 people have died in Israel, but one of them is a civilian.

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